For Super Bowl LIII (53), we wanted to show that 7-Eleven delivers everything fans need, win or lose. So we made select items 53¢ immediately following the game. Like Gatorade to shower the winners, and tissues to wipe away tears for the losers.

We announced the deal with full-page ads in the Boston Globe and the L.A. Times. Both open letter-style ads were a tribute to the fans and their local culture.

In the day after the Super Bowl, our campaign generated 6,698 new app installs and 5,885 orders across Monday. It was 7NOW’s strongest 24 hour period to date.

I wrote the ad in the Boston Globe. The ad in the Los Angeles Times was written by Robert George.

We also created a set of print ads that would have gone live if Los Angeles had beaten New England. Again, Boston Globe ad written by me, LA Times ad written by Robert George.

Social videos promoting the deal: